The Music Secret


PBS has a series called, American Masters. It is always worth your time!

Recently, American Masters profiled Marvin Hamlisch, and in the program, someone recounted that Hamlisch called music “emotion lotion.”

Boy, was he right!

Every song you play has the power to generate an emotional response in your listeners. The best songs, the ones people can hear tens of thousands of times without ever tuning out, are like smoothing emotion lotion on a spirit that’s chapped and dry and burning.

If you don’t take advantage of the opening these songs create for you, you are wasting the great secret power of music.

All filmmakers understand it.
All winning politicians understand it.
All of the best air talent in every city around the world understand it.

The trick is finding a way to let your heart connect to the emotion of songs you play constantly — songs you play so much you end up hating them, not even hearing them — before you flip the mic switch and say that first word.

You’re busy. You’re stressed. You’ve thinking of all the things you have to do in this break, and it just slips away.

Slow down a bit. PPM won’t punish you, despite what you hear and read.

Slow down and let your heart hear what your listeners’ hearts hear.

If you slip into that flow after every great song, you will be so far ahead of what your competition is doing.

Because it’s not just about laughs, and stunts, and basics, and brevity.

It’s about feeling.

So when your listeners believe that you feel what they feel as they hear that song, that is connection.

It’s power is there for you every day, with every song.

Don’t waste it.