The Mostest


We are literally bombarded thousands of times a day with messages enticing us to want more.

More money.

More things.

Better things.

Newest Tesla.

Latest iPhone.

Bigger house.

Perfect bodies.

Elite status on the airplane.

To heck with that, our own private executive jet.

The problem isn’t in the wanting. It’s in the objects of our desire.

We should want more people to have access to healthcare and jobs that pay enough to permit lives worth living.

We should want more volunteers to help those who desperately need it.

We should want more – and deeper – connections with those we care about.

We should want more joy in our lives and more peace on this earth.

It’s up to us to change the messages we’re pummeled with now and replace them with ones that make life better, not worse.

Let’s find more energy for that!