The Most-Watched Ads

Among women on YouTube


This spot, created by YouTube’s ad agency, immediately racked up more than 3 million views yesterday:

What’s most interesting is the list of the most-watched ads by women in 2016. The ads they chose and shared break a lot of stereotypes we all still have about women.

From Ad Age:

Nike, “Unlimited You,” 37.9 million views
Always, #LikeAGirl — Keep Playing,” 27.7 million views
Pokemon, “#Pokemon20,” 22.3 million global views
Nike, “Unlimited Future,” 25.1 million views
P&G, “Thank You, Mom — Strong,” 22.3 million views
Always, “#LikeAGirl — Girl Emojis,” 18.9 million views
Momondo, “The DNA Journey,” 15.3 million views
Dove U.S., “Beauty on your own terms,” 12.8 million views
Vaseline, “The Vaseline Healing Project,” 6.8 million views
Secret, “Ladies’ Room — #StressTest,” 6.5 million views

Some of those surprised you, right? That’s the point.

The one thing they all have in common?

They’re aimed at your feelings and not at your logical brain.

How will you use this insight to shape content on your station?