The Most Dangerous Animal on Earth




Humans wreak havoc on every other living thing on earth.

Wildlife, rivers, canyons, old growth trees and forests, our oceans, the very air we breathe. Our relentless growth and consumption will kill them all.


Seriously? For money? For convenience? We will kill each other with our greed unless stopped, that’s how insanely dangerous we are to this planet.


But there’s hope. Younger generations may have the discipline and energy to stop doing what we’ve always done:

Genesis i:God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

The key word there is “was.”

On this Earth Day, do something. Do what you can to change this story, to re-write our ending. Change one action that is bad for our planet, Support legislation and legislators that address conservation and treat climate change as the crisis it is.

We’ve got to stop pretending this isn’t happening while we still can.