The Most Amazing Person

Is this person on your team?

We always have the same destination in mind, so it’s fun to wrestle and shout about how best to get there.”

“…(his fundamental strength is that he) looks at (us) from his heart and this gives him the ability to see us as we should be, to see us as we have trouble seeing ourselves sometimes.”

“And to remind us who we are when we are tempted by compromise or shortcuts…”    

There is not one single day when your station is not tempted by compromise and shortcuts.

In many consolidated companies, compromise and shortcuts are mandated, and those vested in protecting the product long ago silenced their voices in order to protect their jobs.

I can’t say anything to those running consolidated radio groups that will change what they do because they and I do not share the same destination.

And I can’t even blame you if you’re one of those hanging on for dear life.

But I can encourage you to at least look at smaller groups, smaller markets, if need be, in order to rediscover the passion with which you first began your career.

Every company needs someone who looks at the product you create every day from his/her heart, someone who is not afraid to shout that you’ve lost your way, that you’re surrendering more than your reputation, that you’re compromising more than mere principle…

Every station needs someone to remind you of the leader, the programmer, the talent, the person you should be, the person you can be…

the person you are.


So, who do you think spoke those words quoted above, and who do you think he was speaking about? This will surprise you. The answer is here.