The More You Try

Well…see for yourself:


The more you try to have everyone listen, everyone love you, the less likely your station is to generate real passion among any listener.

Today, success is understood to be equal to passion. In fact, passion almost guarantees good numbers.

Anything watered down enough to be palatable to everyone will be too bland to even be noticed, much less loved.

One great thing about passion is, it creates its own opportunities to increase value, and also revenue.

Examples surround you: Apple, Starbucks, Lexus, Singapore Airlines, etc. etc.

It’s not the people who don’t like you, who complain to the GM about you, that control your success; it’s the people who love you, I mean really love you, love you enough to tell others about you.

Stand for something. Have the courage to be different than everyone else on Radio.

Surprise and delight, every break, every day.