The Maze

Finding our way

Life is sometimes like a maze and each life’s path is unique.

For a few, the path through the maze seems simple. Every turn taken leads directly to the goal, or so it seems.

For many though, the path is complex, and each turn leads to a dead end. Just as we think we’re making progress, we are confronted with an impassable blockage and have to turn back and start again.

And it is discouraging.

For those whose maze is easier, it’s hard to understand that others have a more difficult maze, a maze that cannot be navigated quickly or easily. We tend to be judgmental and we tend to judge others more harshly than we do ourselves.

That is human nature.

I believe we are never alone on this life journey, even though we often feel alone, sometimes even lonely.

And I believe that while any individual path may be strewn with obstacles and frustrations and discouragement, even when we think we have lost our way, we will end up at the door that leads out of our maze if we just endure.

Because the point isn’t about the speed or ease of our journey, it’s about the final destination, and every path of every maze leads there.

So, when you’ve hit another blocked passageway, quiet the storm in your heart and trust.

Keep walking. Keep trying.

You are not alone. You are not abandoned.

You are held even when you don’t feel it. You are precious even when you don’t remember it.