The Master of Suspense

…and what he can teach us

I think most critics would agree that Alfred Hitchcock was a master of cinematic tension.

Perhaps no film-maker since, with the possible exception of Spielberg, seems to understand the link between suspense and entertainment. Think Psycho. Think Jaws.

The interesting thing is, that everything you will see Hitchcock explain here, in less than 2 minutes, will make your morning show content much, much better.

Now, imagine hearing Howard Stern, or Glenn Beck, and watch Hitchcock’s comments again.

Do you let your listeners know there’s a bomb under the desk that will go off in a few minutes, because there’s always that sense with Howard and Glenn. That’s what makes them compelling.

Do you get this? Do you set up dramatic tension, and then deliver a payoff?

This is what great coaches do: They show you the structure and pacing that predicts drama and entertainment and creates satisfying payoffs.

If you’re not getting this kind of detailed coaching from your “expert,” perhaps it’s time for a change.