The Lunchtime Dance Craze

Jump on it!

It’s the rage in Stockholm, and many other huge cities across Europe.

You can read the whole story here, but the idea is simple:

Find a large conference hall in the city center, provide cold bottled water, maybe sandwiches and fruit (in Sweden they charge a small fee and still have 600 daily participants), have a great sound system, light show and DJ ready.

Turn down the lights, as if this was a club — because for the next 60 minutes, it will be.

Start slow, but gradually increase the tempo and never, ever stop the flow.

The lunchtime dance. They call it LUNCH BEAT, and if it’s not already in your town, it’s yours to claim.

People get exercise and lose weight. It’s healthy.

They have fun!

They meet others.

And they tell everyone they know about the experience.

Who’s first in on this one?