The Love Story

The most popular

All enduring stories fit into one of five categories. Yesterday, we started with The Quest.

Each day this week, we’ll examine one categoy, because if you frame content within these themes, it will resonate deeply.

Everyone is open to a good Love Story.

It’s one of the most popular themes in Hollywood and literature.

Boy serendipitously meets girl. Boy is smitten. Romance ensues. Something unforeseen and unfortunate happens. Boy loses girl. Unhappiness and despair ensues. Boy wins girl back. Happily ever after ensues.

Think of Sleepless in Seattle, or even WALL-E.

Sometimes this story ends tragically. Think of Romeo and Juliet.

This story unfolds in your city every day.

It is the story of your parents celebrating their 50th anniversary, or the story of your mother finding a new life after the death of your father.

It is the story of daughters waiting, hoping, praying for the safe return of husbands, or boyfriends from the fields of battle.

It is the story of sons, working multiple jobs to provide housing and food, or sitting patiently at bedsides with wives facing cancer or MS or a stillborn child.

The Love Story should be a regular staple on your show and on your web site because it is either hopeful or romantically tragic. Either way, it engages the emotions and lifts the spirit.