The Lost Class

This is real

I’ll explain below…

“This month, David Keene, a former president and current board member of the NRA, and John Lott, a political commentator and guns rights advocate, took to the podium to deliver a commencement speech—to 3,044 empty seats representing the high school students who might have had a chance to graduate this year, had they not lost their lives to gun violence.”

“Keene and Lott both believed they were giving graduation speeches at a Las Vegas High School, James Madison Academy, but had they done a background check, they would have discovered no such school existed. It was all a fabrication from gun safety organization Change the Ref, part of “The Lost Class” campaign created out of Leo Burnett Chicago and directed by Hungry Man’s Bryan Buckley.”

“According to Buckley, Keene and Lott were filmed during what the pair believed to be a rehearsal. They thought the recording was to ensure there would be footage in case something went afoul during the actual ceremony before the students. All shooting was done openly and no hidden cameras were involved. They were then told that the ceremony was canceled due to security issues, so they never had to return to give their “real” performance.

And not until the films were released today did they have a clue as to what the real deal was.” –