The Listener Button

This is great!

My friend Allan Hotlen sent me this video last week and we started chatting about how Radio could use something like this.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Radio had a button listeners could push that would automatically, and effortlessly, enter them into all your stations’ contests?

Think your clients could use a button or app that automatically sent them special coupons or discounts, like Groupon, but for stores whose ads your listeners can react to as they hear them? Talk about accountability…

Or, how about an app, or button, listeners could push to vote UP or DOWN for songs they want to hear more, or less, often? Sort of like JELLI, but without having to be “online” and in front of a computer screen. Something right there, on the dashboard or refrigerator.

Allan said he and Dick Orkin tried to create something just like that back in the 80s. Maybe technology has finally caught up with their genius.

How about you? What would you like to see radio’s “listener button” make possible?