The Light

Let if shine…


I don’t write this blog for everyone in our business.

I don’t write it for those who believe that radio’s decline is inevitable.

I don’t write it for people content to have a job. It’s not for those who don’t mind sliding under the radar, both the company’s and the listeners’.

I write it for those few of you who want to make a difference in the lives of those who listen to you, and those with whom you work.

It’s for those who believe that what they say, and how they say it, matters.

Your work and your purpose are not mutually exclusive.

You are meant for more than is currently being asked of you.

Even if it only happens once in your career, that is what you prepare for. One life. One listener, at the intersection of their need and your voice.

That’s why I write this blog. You are the one I write it for.

Today, someone hearing your voice needs more than glib liners.

They may not even know it themselves but they’ll recognize it when they hear it, when you plant it in their mind’s eye.

Someone listening today needs you to guide them out of their darkness and into the light.

The light that you alone see right now.

What an awesome job!