The Letters

Regrets, I’ve had a few…


The last time I spoke with Greg, a few days before he died, he told me he wished he had taken the advice of his oncologist a year or so before, and written personal letters to each person he loved.

He said, “I thought I had more time.”

He cried, and then so did I.

I attended his memorial service yesterday.

Maybe that’s why this spoke to me:

Yes, it’s too early for Christmas ads, and yes, this one will only be seen in Ireland as part of a holiday campaign which will feature new letters each week written and read by real people thanking those in their lives who’ve made Christmas special for them.

Don’t wait.

Make the time.

Make a few minutes every day and write a personal letter to each person who has made your life better, even if only for a while and even if only years and years ago.

Explain why they mean so much to you, the qualities in them you love, the reason they are special to you.

You can’t give a better gift this year. It will mean the world to them.

It may mean everything to you too, and sooner than you think.

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