The Last Great…

The Last Great…

How does that title end?


Football is back and we, as viewers, are not the only ones happy about that.

So are advertisers.

The NFL is TV’s last great reach vehicle, and ad rates are soaring because of it.

Just a reminder that Radio has programming that offers enormous reach. We call it Christmas music, and if your station runs it and is not being paid a premium for it, that’s worse than a shame.

It’s worse than absurd that we’ve allowed Nielsen to label this as “special programming” and thereby try to discount its reality, that in many US markets, the dominant Radio Christmas music station has a bigger reach than their local TV stations — and it’s not just on one day or night for a couple of hours.

It’s for weeks!

The numbers are clear, so if we don’t value our greatest reach vehicle by demanding higher rates to be part of it, we have no one to blame but ourselves.