The Hyper-Social Organization

Great book!

We live in an age when technology is worshipped as a god that can magically make every life better.

Social media is touted as the answer to every brand’s problems.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, 4G networks, iPads, iPhones, digital platforms, bandwidth, blah, blah, blah.

It’s easy to forget the humans behind the screens. That’s just one of the reasons The Hyper-Social Organization will be the best business book you read this year.

Humans are hard-wired as social animals. It’s how we’ve survived over the eons.

We’re also hard-wired to base our decisions on our emotions, not our intellect. How you make me feel in your presence is much more important than what you try to get me to think.

The heart always trumps the head.

That’s why most of your liners and positioners are worse than silence. They speak to the head, not the heart, so they become just one more interruption from the music that speaks almost exclusively to the heart.

I’m not giving away any of the wonder this book will bring you by sharing the 5 Steps To Being Hyper-Social:

  1. Forget technology. Understand the 4 drivers of all successful communities.
  2. Forget ‘market segments’ and ‘consumers.’ Think ‘tribes’ and humans.
  3. Forget company-centricity. Think human-centricity.
  4. Forget channels and platforms. Think networks.
  5. Forget processess and hierarchies. Think social messiness.

This book will help every company, whether you’re a 1-man shop or have thousands of employees.

What matters most to your listeners isn’t your station, no matter how often your talent tweets or updates their FB page.

What matters most to your listeners is the same thing that matters most to you: family, the “tribe” of extended relatives and friends — the community of people — who share their interests, passions, hopes and dreams.

We have to learn how to stop marketing to consumers and demographics and start socializing with people, exchanging ideas and information with communities of like-minded individuals to our mutual benefit.

Social media makes this possible, but not the way you’re using it now.

Trust me. Buy this book. You’ll end up giving a copy to every department head in your organization. It’s that good.