The Greatest Regret of His Life

Benjamin Franklin

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin lost a son, his beloved Frankie, to smallpox?

This new series by Ken Burns begins tonight on most PBS stations:

‘When rumors spread in Philadelphia that Franky had died from the inoculation rather than the disease itself, Franklin took the painful step of writing the true story in his newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette. In the years that followed, he tried to persuade others to avoid his family’s fate.’

Surely parents will no longer refuse to accept and thankfully use a discovery God in his mercy has been pleased to bless mankind with. For the loss of one in 10 thereby is not merely the loss of so many persons, but the accumulated loss of all the children and children’s children the deceased might have had, multiplied by successive generations.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

In the U.S. today, the death toll from Covid has exceeded 980,000, and many of those deaths occurred after vaccines were available. It is a tragic pattern that’s consistent with history: Vaccination tends to be both counterintuitive and highly effective.’ (NY TIMES. Subs. required)


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