The Greatest Challenge

Facing consolidated radio today:


I can’t say it better than Seth:

Here’s a job. We’ll pay you as little as we can get away with while still being able to fill the job. We’ll make sure it’s easy to find people for this job, because we don’t want you to have much in the way of power or influence. We’ll use software to read the resumes, and we’ll do it in huge batches.”

“In return, you’ll work as little as you can get away with. That’s the only sane way to respond to the role of being a cog. If the system is going to squeeze you, no need to volunteer.

Be honest with yourself.

This is the deal consolidated Radio has made with Wall Street.

And if we don’t resist, if we don’t figure out a way to change our deal, we’re not going to produce a better product, a product that will survive the challenges we face from every other source of music and entertainment.