The Grades Are In

The best Super Bowl ad!


This spot was voted The Best by USA Today’s readers following this year’s Super Bowl:

I guess a lot of us love dogs because the spot that scored #2 also stars a dog. Lots to love in this spot, including the surprise at the end…

I loved the Google ad below because it starts out as one thing and then surprise! becomes another.

We remember that delight always depends upon an element of surprise:


I’m interested in your feelings about these ads below:

These ads, the second-most mentioned by viewers, appear – to me, at least – to be aimed at evangelical Christians, not at those to whom Jesus is not well known.

They feel like a scolding for what “Christians” today have become: more like Pharisees than disciples.

How did you see them?

And what was your favorite spot airing during the Super Bowl?