The Goal

Is this you?


There’s two things about this piece:

1. You don’t need more than 60 seconds to say something profound, something that can change the lives of those listening, so stop with the excuses.

2. And this: “…except that the goal falls short of the reach.”

C’mon man! We know we’re better than this!

I know 20 people who’ve been retired or pushed out of Radio, who could step in front of your mic right now and give me more than you are.

I know men and women, right now, who’ve never been given the resources, and the trust – or freedom – to create something special, something great, something that can’t be duplicated in 50 other cities, who could do your job better than you’re doing it, either because you’ve become complacent – you just don’t care – or because you’re so freaking insecure you won’t accept anything new and different because you see it as a threat. 

That should piss you off!

It pisses me off every freaking time I listen.

I want great. I want to be around people who want great.

Enough already!