The Gift of Apollo

Featuring Carl Sagan

 Remember this?

What happened to our confidence and hope?

Why are we allowing those who promote partisan bickering and unchallenged cynicism to run our country?

How have we gone from leading the world in scientific achievement to leading the world in creating arcane financial derivatives that put the entire world on the brink of economic catastrophe, all to enrich a few hundred people with wealth never before bestowed for so little effort.

How have we gone from a nation that practiced self-sacrifice for our future to one where we have to have flat screen TVs in every room, and smart phones and iPads and SUVs — damn the environment, damn the infrastructure, damn the old and the sick and the helpless, damn everything for anyone else but me and what I want…

How can we see, and recognize, our better selves before it’s too late?

Who will lead the way?

This is what we should be considering as this next political cycle begins.

We’re already in our Promised Land, and from sheer selfishness and narcissism, we’re screwing it up.

Who will stand up and challenge us to be better than we’ve been for the past 30 years?

I’m waiting, and I don’t think I’m alone.