The Gift of Acknowledgment

The Gift of Acknowledgment

Great idea!


Years ago, the first year I lived in Denver, I volunteered to work 24 hours straight at KIMN, from 6pm Christmas Eve to 6pm Christmas day.

I’d just moved here and I didn’t know many people, had no family here and thought it would be a nice thing to do for my new friends at the station.

In many cities in America, and, I imagine, throughout the world, non-Christians — Jews, Muslims, Hindus — volunteer to replace their Christian friends on this specific holiday.

Not every job is easily interchangeable, but I’ve always loved the gesture.

Which brings me to this ad from Great Britain:

Couldn’t your station do this for a group of women who must work on Christmas Day?

Couldn’t you acknowledge their gift to all of us?

Couldn’t you make a video of whatever it is you choose to do to show them how grateful we are for their sacrifice for us, and then share it online?

Wouldn’t that feel good?