The Future of Branding



There’s this automatic inclination to believe that new technology is creativity’s silver bullet. But invention of technology is different than innovative use of existing things.”

Brand marketers waiting for the latest product to be the first to use it might miss the chance to do something extraordinary with what we already have before us. Something extraordinary is usually something that touches consumers and tells a story, it’s not just technology alone that builds a brand.”

What’s your station’s story?

“…what is a hit? The trend toward the mean-spirited shock video filled with actors faking real-time reactions to disgusting pranks is the result of the mistaken belief that eyeballs equal success.”

I know you measure success by whether or not you hit your profit goals, but there’s more than one way to profit.

Consider the biggest companies in the world. Amazon didn’t even show a profit for two decades.

THIS is an article worth thinking about for a while.

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