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The Friday Variety Pack

The Friday Variety Pack

Things you may have missed…


This guy reduced homelessness in Utah by over 90%. How come you haven’t heard of him?

East Asian (where I grew up) students continue to trounce the rest of the world, especially American public school students, in math, science and reading. Here’s why.

Billboard has compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century. Guess what’s #1?

The latest on Spotify’s Fake Artist Controversy.

Feeling overwhelmed and sorry for yourself. Check out Gratefulness.io, a reminder to take a few seconds every day for gratitude.

And to put things into perspective, read the Public Gratitude Wall every now and then.

There’s still time for your station to say “Thank You!” — and prove it — to the Greatest Generation.

You could organize one of your local schools to write letters, or meet them at the airport.

Better still, you could make it a station project and help them tell their stories on the air.

NPR1 is now on Alexa. Your station’s app probably is too, right?

Looking for a great cause to support. You could do a lot worse than THIS.