The French Connection

Or how to making something legendary in 5 easy steps…

So many lessons can be learned from masters of other crafts. Like Bill Friedkin, director of The French Connection.


Lesson #1: Most of us need to be pushed to produce our best work

If you want to be liked by your talent, chances are you don’t challenge them this way. I’m not suggesting an adversarial relationship, but sometimes you have to splash them with cold water, show a little fire, and be willing to be hated for a day or two.

Lesson #2: Great ideas come when you are OUT of the office, not sitting behind your desk.

Friedkin would’ve never thought of this classic chase scene if he hadn’t been out on the streets of New York City.

Lesson #3: Sometimes you’ve got to act with risk.

Lesson #4: You can be inspired by others’ work, but greatness means originality.

Lesson #5: Know what’s essential to the story, and its success, and then fight to get what you need. Every creator has a budget. Use yours wisely.