The Four Types of Luck



Type 1: Blind Luck: Completely out of your control
Where you are born • Who you are born to • Base circumstances of your life • “Acts of God” – truly random occurrences of the universe.


Type 2: Luck from Motion
You’re creating motion and collisions through hustle and energy that you are inserting into an ecosystem. You increase your luck surface area through simple movement. The increase in collisions opens you up to more lucky events.


Type 3: Luck from Awareness
Depth of understanding within a given arena allows you to become very good at positioning yourself for lucky breaks.


Type 4: Luck from Uniqueness
Your unique set of attributes attracts specific luck to you. “[This type] favors those with distinctive, if not eccentric hobbies, personal lifestyles, and motor behaviors.” 


Type 4 Luck actually seeks you out.


I think of Types 1-3 as coming in stages as you grow up:

  • Type 1 dictates the early years of your life.
  • Type 2 comes into play as you begin to hustle in your 20s.
  • Type 3 sets in as you develop experience in your 30s.

    Type 4 is unique—it’s dislocated from age dependency.


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