The First Wave

On the verge of lifelessness

It’s been called “miraculous” and “soul-piercing” … “cathartic, healing, and emotional” … “visceral and harrowing.

It will never be more urgent than it is right now.”

This virus should have never become a political weapon, but it has. And it’s still killing hundreds of unvaccinated Americans every day — like a 9/11 death toll every 3 days for almost two years.

And, until this film, almost all of that suffering and death has happened away from our view, inside hospitals. The emotional toll on our health care workers — doctors, nurses, technicians — has mostly been hidden too.

But it is real. And these overwhelmed health care workers are leaving their jobs in record numbers, even as we’re dealing with the Fourth Wave of Covid-19.

This amazing, life-changing documentary opened in select theaters this weekend. You can find out when it’s coming to your town HERE. I’m sure it will also (eventually) be offered on the Nat Geo channel and streaming services.

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