The Feeling Creates The Healing

Mental metaphysics


If you were to begin to emotionally embrace the feelings of your future before it’s made manifest, in other words, you’re not waiting for your healing to feel wholeness. You’re not waiting for your new relationship to feel love. You’re not waiting for the mystical moment to feel awe. You’re not waiting for your success to feel empowered.”

“That’s the old model of reality of cause and effect. The materialist, the person who’s waiting for their wealth to come to feel abundance, they’re living by the old model of cause and effect, but the quantum model is about causing an effect. Which means you begin to experience your own worthiness and your abundance before it occurs.”

“You have to feel wholeness for your healing to occur. We have to feel love for ourselves and love for life for us to have love in our life.”

“Can you teach your body emotionally how that future could feel like before it’s made manifest? If you do it properly, your body as the unconscious mind begins to believe it’s living in that future reality in the present moment. ⁣You’re beginning to signal new genes in new ways that begin to change your body to look like the event has already occurred.”

“The process of change in the meditative model requires unlearning and relearning; it requires breaking the habit of the old self and reinventing a new self.”

“What we say in neuroscience is pruning synaptic connections and sprouting new connections, unfiring and unwiring and refiring and rewiring. Unmemorizing stored emotions in the body to a new mind and into a new⁣ emotion”.

“You’re no longer signaling the same genes in the same way but signaling new genes in new ways. Beginning to pull your energy out of the past and⁣ beginning to invest your energy into the future.”

“What we’re teaching people how to do is not to pray to have their prayers answered, but to get up from their meditations as if their prayers are already answered.” ⁣

“When you’re combining an intention of your future with an⁣ elevated emotion, you are literally changing your energy. You’re changing⁣ your brain chemistry, you’re changing the way your brain works and you’re⁣ changing your genetic expression. You’re literally becoming somebody else.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, who I discovered on Instagram.

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