The Fault in Our Stars

Opens this weekend

The book was quite good. Not the best I’ve ever read, but it made me feel. It touched me.

I know many won’t want to see any story about something sad. That seems more true now than it did a generation or so ago. “Love Story” was huge when I was young.

Life isn’t usually neat and pretty for most. Pretending otherwise doesn’t change reality.

I often hear something like, “I have enough reality in my life right now; I don’t need more. I need escape,” as if any of us deserves immunity.

Perhaps because of the images of those old men who survived D-Day re-assembling in Normandy for the 70th anniversary of that day of carnage and courage, I feel especially selfish thinking I deserve constant happiness.

Truth is, lives that casually intersect with ours every day face their own battles. If we looked a bit closer, guarded our hearts a little less, and reflected compassion a bit more, maybe we could be more present for them.

I will see this film.

I want to feel.