The Fact Is

What we know…

You might have been too busy (doing the work of four people) to notice these stories when they were announced but I assure you every one is true.

  • Pessimism can lead to a longer life, so if you work for one of the largest consolidated radio companies, don’t retire any time soon.
  • Swedish researchers found that group singing can create a rewarding feeling of oneness. Once your GM makes note of this, s/he will suggest singing Kumbaya at the next staff meeting to announce more budget cuts, which are scheduled later this week.
  • Reading fiction makes you a nicer, more empathetic person, proving conclusively that the highest executive ranks in radio are filled with non-readers.
  • Nostalgia can ward off loneliness and anxiety, another great reason to work for a Classic Hits station, assuming you can live on $150 a week.

And finally…

  • Facebook can make you unhappy. Research has proven that Facebook visits directly correlate with negative emotions, like depression and loneliness.

But, if you’re going to be online anyway, I hope you Like this post.

Happy New Year!


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