The Exact Oppositive Viewpoint

It starts here

I’m a big fan of Edward Boches and his blog, Creativity Unbound, and in a post a few months ago (which I’ve been pondering since), he asked a question of ad agencies that is just as apt for Radio and TV — media — companies:

Are you selling what you do, or doing what will sell to your consumers?

Think about it for a few minutes…

because an honest answer will lead you to change how you view your product, how you view its delivery to your audience, and how you budget for next year and beyond.

Everything starts with the consumer.

Where and how does she use your station? Where and how would she like to use what your station produces?

What is your relationship with her?

Is she a passive listener or spectator, or does she want more involvement? And if she does, how do you satisfy that desire?

If you ask the right questions, and actually act on the answers, you’ll begin to think very differently about what you spend your resources on moving forward.

Do you have someone on your team challenging the status quo?

Because if you’re not getting better today, chances are you’re getting worse, further behind the curve in a digital revolution that is moving forward, oblivious to your preferences and your reality.