The Enemy

We have seen them…



All of us who work in Radio below the CEO level have seen our enemy.

It’s name is Indifference.

Not caring at all who is on the air or what they are offering listeners will kill Radio almost as quickly as the clutter and impossibility of listening to 7-minute, 15+ unit stop sets.

See, listeners choose Radio for entertainment and connection. Many, perhaps most, listeners like the companionship Radio can provide when we do it correctly.

Your job as an on-air talent, in every touch point with listeners, is to make them feel that you are speaking only to them, hundreds of thousands of them, each believing s/he alone is your companion.

Ideally, you would make each of these listeners feel better when they listen, whether by making them laugh – or cry – with you upon sharing some personal story or bit of information designed to evoke an emotional response.

When you’re doing it right, you can hear your listeners reaching out to turn up the volume so they can hear you better.

It’s this simple: If you’re on the air, your job is to be part of the entertainment. To enhance the experience of listening because of what you say and how you make listeners feel.

The less we care about all of this between-the-songs stuff, the more surely we kill the last part of Radio listeners truly love.