The End of Brands

A warning

You know the story of Lululemon: Yoga pants that became a personal statement, like Gucci or Mercedes.

But then, reports that quality was suspect, that the pants left little to the imagination when bent over in your yoga pose. As complaints mounted, a fatal mistake: the company’s CEO said the fault was not in the product but in those using it: some were just too fat to be seen in yoga pants.

And almost overnight, Lulelemon was dead.

It’s a useful reminder of our brand reality, collective and individual.

The naked greed of most Radio CEOs is the reason Rhapsody unveiled “Un-Radio” last week. We have allowed the negative of what our collective brand means to be seen as a positive for streaming services.

But what can you do, without power, with only your voice and your station?

Remind yourself and your team daily that your station is only as good as the last experience your listener had with it.

If she came and heard 8 spots in a row without one song…

If she heard nothing but inane liners and self-congratulatory boasting…

If she heard something too embarrassing to have her kids exposed to without an uncomfortable explanation…

well, you know how that ends, don’t you?

Make every listening experience count for you, to the very best of your ability.

It matters now, especially now, when choices are limitless.