The Donald Trump Morning Show



If nothing more, this election season has been unconventional, alternating between entertaining and terrifying, no matter which candidate you support.

It dawned on me that there is one very important lesson all of us can learn from what we’re hearing and watching.

Even before Donald Trump became the official Republican candidate, his surrogates and voices within the Party kept explaining that he would “change” once the nomination had been won.

Obviously, that hasn’t happened.

Almost daily, he says or does something so inflammatory that it needs to be “walked back,” as the professional politicians explain it.

And still, we keep hearing that Trump can — and will — change once he’s President.

I don’t think so.

Trump reminds me of some air talent I’ve known. Think of the ratings he would command.

GMs and PDs think they want a high profile, high impact morning talent, someone who will be impossible to ignore, someone who definitely gets the attention of everyone in their market.

And once this talent is hired, these same GMs and PDs start to try to change the air talent, to make them less insulting, less inflammatory, less dangerous.

The relationship almost always fractures and ends with firings and recriminations.

People don’t change unless they really want to, and even then it’s hard.

Successful people see no reason to change.

The rants and behaviors that leave dozens of listener complaints on your voicemail each day are music to their ears.

It’s proof that they’re being noticed.

The Donald is addicted to attention. When he sets his hair on fire today, we can’t help but watch and react, and that’s proof — to him — that he’s the center of the universe, again.

I’m certain much of the Republican establishment wishes almost daily that Trump would tone it down and become something he’s never, ever been.

It’s not going to happen, even if he wins the presidency. Especially if he wins the presidency.

And it’s not going to happen with that morning talent you think you want, that just needs a few tweaks, a couple of sessions with your talent coach or PD.

You’re going to be putting out fires every day, just like Reince Priebus.

It’s better for everyone concerned — you, the air talent, your air staff, your listeners, and definitely your receptionist — if you realize this before you hire that maverick.

Do you really want “Donald Trump” to be your Morning Show, the face of your franchise, the first thing that pops into any listener’s head when your station is mentioned?

Don’t forget…

Successful people see no reason to change, even if their behavior seems to be causing failure this time.

Love ’em or leave ’em just the way they are.