The Cost of Cutting

Plain as day.


The 2021 EMMY nominations were announced yesterday and if it wasn’t already clear, it is now!

HBO and HBO Max led the way with 130 nominations barely edging out Netflix with 129. The real surprise was newcomer streamer Disney+ with 71 nominations.

I’m looking hard but I can’t see the “traditional” broadcast networks anywhere…

Americans have embraced streaming video content because HBO, Netflix, Disney+, HULU and Apple+ are spending big on their content.

That content is not only winning awards for quality and creativity, it’s winning viewers willing to pay extra money to watch the best TV.

It’s not just about escaping the endless commercial clutter on broadcast TV. It’s about great programs!

So, how much do you think those traditional networks have lost by refusing to give viewers what they crave?

I don’t have a figure for you, but I know this: They’ve paid an enormous amount for cutting costs.

Radio is making the same mistake.

There’s still time to change the outcome because, so far, Spotify and Apple Music haven’t figured out that listeners want more from a streaming service than fewer commercials.

They still want companionship and between-the-songs entertainment

The writing is on the wall, and it’s in huge block letters.

We will pay for the best content we can find.

Cutting costs in an attempt to win listeners and viewers is doomed to failure.