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The BullS**t Meter

The BullS**t Meter

If you smell something, say something.


It’s a bit scary, actually, the fact that so many people are seemingly receptive to total bullshit.

You can’t avoid it during an election year.

And there is science to back up the anxiety: Lots of People Think Complete Nonsense is Profound.

There are even websites devoted to it: Wisdom of Chopra, which turns random words from Deepak Chopra tweets into “profound” statements, and the New Age Bullshit Generator, which spits out “profound sounding nonsense.”

Jon Stewart made a point of warning us to recognize bullshit in his final show:


It’s not just politicians.

It’s a major part of marketing.

And it’s everywhere within our own industry.

I can’t stop it. All I can do is remind you that we make radio harder than it is.

Play the songs people love and play them more often than those they hate.

Help them discover new artists and new things to do in your town, and let them know when something really important happens even if that means they will leave you and turn on their TV.

Respect their time and their attention.

Make them feel. Connect emotionally. Entertain. Be a companion. Be authentic.

Not so hard, huh?

So, when Nielsen or any other vendor starts making this harder than it is, call ’em on it.

If you smell something, say something, so we can do what we need to do to make Radio better than ever.