The Biggest Target

Set your sights

We are obsessed with youth in America. It’s easy to lose sight of the following facts — yes, FACTS*:

  • Over 70% of the wealth in America is controlled by those over 50
  • Half of all consumer spending is done by people over 50
  • People over 50 have an average net worth 3 times that of younger generations
  • We account for 55% of consumer packaged goods sales
  • Baby Boomers spend an average of $650/month on technology, more than either Gen X or Y
  • Younger Boomers outspend younger adults in every major category
  • Baby Boomers are the Internet’s largest constituency
  • By 2030, the population of those over 50 willl grow at three times the rate of people 18-49
  • 60% of all new cars are bought by those over the age of 50

And, incredibly, people over 50 are the target for only 5% of all advertising.

I realize you don’t control what agency buyers want, but if you have formats that are strong in 50+ demos, start sharing the facts about these strengths.

Stop apologizing for the aging of your audience, and spend a little more time talking to the biggest target.




*from The Ad Contrarian