The Biggest Band in the World?

Do you know…?


It’s the equivalent of your station featuring a 15-minute classical music concert.

I don’t think there’s a commercial station in America, targeting adults, that would give these guys an uninterrupted 15 minutes. Maybe CHR, but even they might be afraid to air a feature of this length.

Check this out:

BTS is the biggest band in the world right now. That’s undisputed in the music world. This video has already been viewed more than 10 million times.

Yet you can’t hear their music on your local Classic Rock station, or your SOFT AC station.

Commercial radio puts fences around their formats. It always has, but they’re higher than ever today. And no matter how big the song, if it doesn’t fit within the fences that WE — radio programmers — have placed around the format, we don’t play it.

If you’re old enough, you might remember your local radio stations not playing The Beatles, so only one station in each town attracted everyone who wanted to hear Beatles songs.

You can’t get most AC stations to play a Country hit, even today, much less K-POP from a band that doesn’t speak English.

But at NPR, they have this brilliant feature, Tiny Desk Concerts.

They’re about music, all types of music, and even though most NPR stations play Classical music on their local stations, they’re not afraid to introduce their listeners to music they’re never considered before.

That’s risky. It’s entirely possible the vast majority of NPR music listeners would tune this out.

But that didn’t stop NPR, because they created this little feature on their YouTube channel, and by doing so, attracted hundreds of thousands of new listeners to their brand.

The passion that BTS inspires in younger female demographics led to new memberships and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to local public radio stations from people who had never thought much about those stations before. Read THIS.

Does your station offer any content, any feature, that your listeners would pay to hear?

Why not?


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