The Better Story

Tips from a master

How do you find great content for your show?

We already know humans respond to stories more than facts, that our emotions precede reasoning, and unless you’re amazingly funny — funny enough to earn a living in standup comedy — most of your content won’t make me laugh.

Listen to these tips from Kurt Vonnegut on story-telling:

  • Find a subject you care about.
  • Do not ramble.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Have the guts to cut, even parts you love.
  • Sound like yourself.
  • Say what you mean to say. Direct is usually best.
  • Pity the (listeners) — meaning respect their time and attention.

If you actually follow these rules, I think you’ll find they work.

And if you have a better process, share it with us. You can do it anonymously, through me, if you prefer. We all have a stake in making the non-musical content on commercial radio stronger.

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