The Best Way to Hold Listeners

for another quarter hour is…


It’s not teasing, as you’ve always been taught.

It’s not spot placement or other ratings tricks, at least not long term.

It’s strong, impactful, emotional content that engages listeners and makes them afraid to miss what’s coming next.

Listeners have already given you their attention or they wouldn’t be listening to you.

But when you abuse that attention with silly “benchmark” games and less than truthful teases, you train them that they risk missing nothing at all if they tune out.

What makes you stay tuned in to your favorite station or TV show?

Why would your listeners be different.

Strong emotional payoffs are the only way to consistently hold listeners longer than they had intended to listen.

The good news is, you control that content.

If you need help figuring out the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ I know several great programming minds who can help you.

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