The Best Posts on Facebook?

They all do this…


In case you haven’t been paying attention, Facebook’s changing.

Each quote below is taken from an article in Ad Age. You can read it HERE, and I would recommend subscribing because it always has useful information for our purposes.

Facebook has modified its algorithm over a few years to refocus the user experience on personal connections and community. And with these changes, content that motivates people to love, share and comment is now more valued, meaning it’s seen by more people.”

This opens up opportunities for publishers and marketers who know how to connect with their fans on a deep, emotional level.

Beyond bucking the algorithm, why is hitting a home run on emotion important? Marketing science shows that most purchase decisions are made with the heart, not the head.

Great branded content that reaches the right people can produce a powerful emotional response, which leads to engagement and results for marketers. But in today’s world of distracted audiences, creating an emotional connection is easier said than done.”

Publishers who produce strong emotional engagement to branded content are also driving the highest rates of social sharing.”

Radio has an advantage when it comes to pushing content on social media that is highly emotional. Music is part of our identity, and the highest scoring songs are almost always highly emotional.

So, stop posting station promos and self-congratulatory videos and start producing videos that make me feel strong emotions.

Those are the ones that your followers will love and then share.

This is not a job anyone can do. Just as Radio needs to hire more really talented on-air talent, which is what made Radio so universally popular decades ago, we need to budget for and hire really talented video production people.

Radio, let’s get into the game, understanding the game is emotional connection in each listener’s interactions with our brand, whether from a car speaker, ear buds or on Facebook.