The Best New Series on TV


Have you seen it yet?

Have you heard about it?

The LXD.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. It’s a mystery, a conspiracy, a love story, an action adventure like none before it.

This is the first web-only series I know of good enough to compete with the best of broadcast television.

It ‘airs’ every Wednesday night on Hulu, and if you watch one episode, you’ll be hooked.

Here, see for yourself. This is episode 3:


While everyone is trying to create the next viral video, someone very, very smart and talented has created the new TV.

Episodes are short, usually 10 minutes or less, perfect for a mobile platform.

They’re only available online.

And I am more than happy to watch a spot to see the next episode.

Remember when cable TV became an irresistable force? It wasn’t movies that sealed the deal. It was cable-only series, like The Sopranos and Dexter that made subscribing worth the money.

The best new series on TV isn’t on a traditional TV channel.

I know what I’ll be watching tomorrow night.

It’s the LXD, and it’s only on the Internet.

Great content still rules. And it always will.