The Best Marketing

For radio stations…


An owner once said to me that radio didn’t need external marketing because it could use it’s own cume to market itself.

But the things I continue to hear Radio stations say about themselves on their own air are worse than weak.

They’re an admission of our own deafness, our own ignorance of the people to whom we speak.

Marketing should put listeners (customers) at the center of all product decisions.

The best marketing I hear for radio stations is, and has always been, great on-air talent.

Whether being companions, comedians, best friends, fathers and mothers, entertainers, pop culture mavens, or hope-givers, the very best air talent does more to keep listeners coming back day after day, hour after hour, than anything else on your station.

So why not spend some of that money your station used to budget for TV spots or contests on finding, developing, and keeping the very best talent you can find?

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