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The Best Managers?

The Best Managers?

Hint: Most are parents


Another scientific study has found that “It’s better to praise people for their successes than to correct their mistakes.”

FORBES reports “…there are two types of bosses. Certain bosses manage people by calling attention to the things they’ve done wrong. This, they believe, is the best way to improve employee performance. Other bosses, preferred by most workers, manage via encouragement – commending employees on the things they’ve done right and never missing an opportunity to offer praise when praise is deserved.”

A team of researchers at the University of Chicago designed a scientific experiment to see which style of managerial feedback was most successful in terms of producing better outcomes.

Overwhelmingly, they found that management via encouragement was the more effective method.

This is one of the most difficult skills to teach Program Directors and General Managers.

I’ve found that the ones who “get it” best are often parents with young children.

No parent rebukes their toddlers when they fall down. None point out every failure every day. If they did, we’d all be in strait jackets on anti-anxiety meds.

We, as parents, praise the attempt. We praise the effort. We encourage!

Why can’t we understand encouragement produces better outcomes at our stations?

You can see the science behind the study HERE, and you can read the entire article on Forbes.com HERE.