The Best Job In The World

Is also the hardest job in the world.

P&G knows a few things about marketing, wouldn’t you say?

So, notice how they use emotion in these totally credible stories without words, linking their brand with the largest work force in the world…


These guys really are the best!

I bet the overwhelming majority of moms who see this identify with its message. And given the politics of the moment, how great is their timing?

I would love to see the NAB or the RAB or any of the big consolidated radio companies (that’s you, CC, Cumulus, CBS, Entercom, Greater Media) who could afford it, run TV spots for RADIO that do this.

Heck, pool our resources. Have every major group contribute to the campaign…

Selling radio, all radio in every market, understanding that this kind of campaign can only help us with local advertisers, and only improve an image we’ve allowed Sirius, Pandora and Spotify to manipulate without response for wayyyyy too long now!

Spots based on emotional connection, rather than boasts and contests and the usual music video crap we see (when radio even gets to use television marketing — which, I admit, is exceedingly rare).

But that would require a commitment to marketing, not once a year, or decade, but virtually endlessly.

The same thing we advise our clients, our advertisers, to do…

Where’s my migraine medicine?