The Best Films of The Year IV

Featuring Oscar-winning performances:

Looking for a way to support the people of Ukraine? Consider Doctors Without Borders…they already have teams on the ground in Ukraine and Poland and we know from their previous work in countries in crisis the good they do. As Russia bombs civilians and nuclear power plants in Ukraine, the number of injured has no limit. Pray for the doctors and nurses helping those in desperate need. Pray for the people of Ukraine as they fight and die for their freedom. Then, make a donation using that link above. Thank you!

THE LOST DAUGHTER: Olivia Coleman is once again brilliant!

RESPECT (winning lots of buzz about Jennifer Hudson for Best Actress):

SPENCER, worth it for Kristen Stewart and LICORICE PIZZA for newcomer Alana Haim (both of which I’ve posted about before).

MASS, winning acclaim for its incredible ensemble of actors, actresses and its first-time director:



and PLAYGROUND, which is such a good film, especially the children in it: