The Best And Brightest



Check this out:

The source of business value in the 20th century was access to capital, access to natural resources, investment in infrastructure—plants, stores, trains, telephone polls, etc. It was a physical world and controlling financial and physical capital gave you the edge.

“The source of business value in the 21st century, as a result of the transformational effects of technology, is people. Capital is plentiful, physical resources have lost value, and intellectual property rules. The way to win the game today is to attract the best and the brightest talent. And in the post-pandemic world, the best and brightest are demanding flexibility around when and where they work. And they want to work for companies that they believe are doing good in the world and good for the planet. Human capital is now the scarce resource and is setting the tempo for the dance.” (emphasis added)

That is Alan Murray, of Fortune Magazine’s CEO Daily.

Can any Radio CEO say, with a straight face, that their company is trying to attract the best and brightest talent?

Anyone? Just raise your hand…

Do you think Spotify and Apple Music and Sirius XM consider the best and brightest talent important to their success?

Do you think streaming services are doing a better job — than is Radio — of creating their own proprietary intellectual capital?

As Radio’s competitors spend ever more on proprietary content, our business is still looking for ways to cut costs and usually that means letting the most talented people go, because they’re considered an expense rather than an asset.

Anyone else frustrated watching us destroy a business. because it just doesn’t have to be this way.

It doesn’t.