The Best Advice



Ok, I’ve got a little exercise for you to share with your staff.

GMs – to the full station staff. PDs – to your airstaff.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Can you share it here or with others in your life?

And, how did it change your life?


I’ll start: The best advice I got about my career in Radio was to save 6 months salary so that I would have F-you money.

In Radio, it’s not really a matter of IF you’ll be fired, especially for PDs and GMs, it’s more about when, and if you have money in the bank you don’t have to panic when it happens.

By saving, having your F-you money, you also have the freedom to walk away from dysfunctional bosses and other a-holes when they’re hurting your life.

This advice changed my life because once I started saving, I didn’t stop with 6 months salary, but went on to having enough money saved to sit out for a couple of years if I chose to.

It allowed me to stay in Denver my entire career. It removed the anxiety Radio produces, especially in the consolidated radio era.

It let me choose who I wanted to work with, and politely decline and thank those with whom I didn’t want to work.

That’s what freedom feels like.


Now, it’s your turn…If you don’t want to do it publicly, shoot me an email. I won’t share it. I’m just interested.