The Beauty of Music

You have such an advantage…

Use it!

“The beauty of music is its ability to punch you in the gut and evoke an emotional response. While visual form alone can have a strong emotional effect, rarely can it hit the soul as hard as music can. Music reaches us on a deeply primitive level. You just “feel” it.”

That’s a quote from an AdAge article on music in branding by Mitch Paone.

You have such a competitive advantage over other forms of media.

You can routinely, consistently, schedule highly emotional music content throughout each hour.

I’m not just talking about sad songs. “Shut Up And Dance With Me” is almost impossible to hear without feeling a smile magically appear on your face:

Shut Up & Dance — At The Movies!! from Bad Penny Films on Vimeo.

Same for Bruno Mars…

You might be surprised at the number of stations I hear in the U.S. where the air talent seems to have a complete disconnect from the music they’re following.

Listen to the songs you play while you’re on the air. Pay attention to the lyrics.

Let them hit you on an emotional level just as your listeners do.

Match your content, your intensity and your pacing with the mood of the songs.

Reinforce the emotional hook those songs have created.

Music is your most powerful emotional tool.

Use it more often!