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The Bark Side

VW and the Super Bowl


VW “won” last year’s Best Super Bowl spot competition with their very cute: The Force, which has now been viewed online almost 50 million times. Astonishing, especially given how often it’s been used on commercial TV too.

And, they look poised to defend their title with this entry. I think you’ll recognize the “music”…

So, here it is: the 2012 VW spot…

What do you think? As good as The Force?

It’s cute, but when it comes to using animals in Super Bowl TV spots, no one beats Budweiser, IMHO. My all-time favorite is, of course, the Clydesdale 9-11 Tribute spot I’ve shown here before.

But this one, also featuring the Clydesdales, directed by Joe Pytka, known as the Father of Super Bowl spots, is another great one. Again, it tells a story, while also connecting emotionally to the brand.

Time to vote: dogs or Clydesdales, VW or Bud?